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The Role Up!

Bobl Bach!

A simple, spacious learning through play environment

We have six super, authentic role play areas

Farm Shop

Hair Saloon

Accident & Emergency

Space Centre



In addition to our role play areas we have

  • - A sensory room
  • - A football Pitch/ basketball court
  • - A baby area where little ones can play safely
  • - The Cwtch – Little Library
  • - A café

What is The Role Up?

The Role Up play village is an inclusive play centre for all children aged zero to eleven. A play centre which encourages imagination and learning through play, At the Role Up children will have opportunities to take risks in a safe environment, express their feelings, learn about other cultures and engage in continued shared thinking.

At the Role Up we provide opportunities for children to learn through authentic experiences - developing an understanding of the world around them, we encourage parent-child and child-child led activities.

Role play allows children to act our real life situations and be creative. It provides an opportunity for children to emulate what they see and practise skills. This is particularly important for a child's social and personal development, which increases a child’s ability to positively interact with others, encouraging them to be independent and socially aware.

There is a social dimension to role play, as the best role play is with others – you learn social skills around taking another person's perspective

- Professor Sue Rogers.

The Importance Of Play

At The Role Up, we know the importance of play in growing up and so we make sure we lay the foundation for happy, healthy children. we believe play is important to build children's social, language, cognitive and physical skill and how better to teach kids through play to interact and develop life long skills.

Play is inavaluable to children, it is the way that young children learn, it provides an opportunity for children to encourage their imagination, it also increases wellbeing and resilience!

Come and play,
Have fun and learn

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